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Rows - Online Spreadsheet Overview. Like Google Sheets

Excel and its counterparts in various manifestations are potent tools for analytics and aggregation of multiple data, not just a spreadsheet application.



Rows is an online spreadsheet application that allows users to create and edit spreadsheets in a web browser.

Rows is a cloud-based software that enables users to work on spreadsheets collaboratively and in real time with others. Rows support most of the basic features of a spreadsheet, such as the ability to create and format cells, insert formulas and functions, and create charts and graphs. Rows also offer advanced features like data validation, custom scripts, and integration with other apps and services.

Additionally, Rows allows one to share and collaborate on spreadsheets with others and has the version control feature.

But it has a limitation that can significantly interfere in the modernize world – the lack of the ability to automatically receive data from online services and collaborate in real-time.

The lack of collaboration is perfectly solved by Google Sheets (and even partially by collecting data from third-party resources). Still, it is better to use a more specialized tool.

About Rows

Rows is an online spreadsheet service that provides collaboration, integration with third-party services, automation, and data enrichment.

About Rows

In today’s review, I will detail the service’s unique Rows features. And with the standard a la Excel capabilities, everything is clear. They are here and working.

Beginning of work

The registration stage is the most common, but already at it, it becomes clear that Rows are primarily tailored for work tasks. Since the service does not recommend using a non-working mail account.

Rows Sing Up

Then you need to create your own workspace, which will be available via the link of the same name. Only Latin input is public. There will be no problems when working with Cyrillic tables.

Rows sheets

Then choose your area of ​​work. Based on this, the service will recommend suitable templates. You also need to select several integrations with which you plan to work.


After pressing a couple more not-very-interesting buttons and inviting colleagues (if necessary), you can finally start using the service.

There are two ways to do this: start from scratch or import a ready-made table in CSV or XLSX format. To test the service, I took the table below 👇 (source: https://exceltable.com/ ).

Download the dashboard for analyzing sales ranking

It has graphs, data, and various calculations. And when importing, only the graphics were lost.

rows analyzing
The original spreadsheet in Excel
rows ranking
The imported version in Rows

Despite reporting errors due to formula mismatches, the final calculations were correct. However, everything breaks completely when you click on the formula in such a cell.


So I would not recommend working with imported data. Here follows the second problem: you will have to study the spelling and operation of some formulas again. However, such difficulties will be with any spreadsheet editor.

If you don’t know where to start, there are many templates in Rows, including those from the community.

What can you do when everything is okay?

Miscellaneous spreadsheets

Of course, you can work with different formulas in Rows. There will be no problems with the basic ones. You only need to know their English description. More complex, as I said, will have to be studied again.

formulas in Rows

Otherwise, formulas are like formulas. All the usual features are in place: formula search assistant, auto-typing, and more.

When working with charts, everything is also familiar. You can select a range through the insert menu (here Insert), quickly create a graph, and then change its type in the editor and fine-tune it.

rows features

But I will immediately note that this functionality is implemented much better in Excel. There you will find a more significant number of charts and options for customizing them.

Working with sheets in Rows is implemented through pages. Moreover, each page can have several sheets.

rows keys

To simplify, you can treat the pages as Excel books, but this will not be entirely correct. Indeed, in one Rows table, there can be several pages with their sheets.

They didn’t forget about filtering and sorting, but Excel again wins in this parameter. In Rows, for example, there is no filtering by cell color.

rows app

But there is conditional formatting; that is, you can color a cell in a specific color based on the data.


If you’ve worked with services like Zapier, you’ll find a similar list of integrations in Rows.

Rows Integrations

You can call a connected integration through a regular formula.

rows formula in

In addition, you can use queries against public databases, such as Crunchbase. Or you can search for information about companies directly from the table.

rows in

rows apps

At the same time, Rows can advise additional opportunities to enrich information and gather information about investments or investors.

Using the Schedule formula, you can update some data at specific intervals.

rows price in

Or you can perform full GET, POST, and PUT requests.

rows in price


As I wrote at the beginning of the review, Rows primarily aims at business use. Due to this, there is a division into workspaces with the division of rights between employees.

In each of the spaces, you can create folders for tables and set certain access rights to them. And all participants can work on the document simultaneously, as in Google Docs and similar services.

The tables can easily be turned into data collection forms and published for respondents to go through. You can add buttons, check boxes, and other interactive elements to forms and tables.

The table can be shared not only with colleagues but also with any person. To do this, it is enough to pass a link to it. Or you can create a public workspace in which anyone can work.

Rows Pricing

Rows have a free plan that includes the following restrictions:

  • 10,000 integration tasks;
  • Scheduled data update – every hour;
  • Five automation in each workspace;
  • 500 MB in the cloud.

rows price free

The Plus plan slightly expands these limits and costs $59 per month. And the Pro plan for $249 per month removes almost all restrictions.

I cannot recommend Rows as a replacement for the good old Excel. First, there is a problem with formula support. Secondly, Excel has more features, except for collaboration and integration. And thirdly, a purely online service for working with tables is clearly not suitable for everyone.

But, as a more advanced version of Google Sheets, Rows could well compete. Of course, if you need the integrations described above. By and large, without them, nothing is interesting in this service.

Try Rows

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