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O&O Defrag 25 Pro: Free Giveaway - Optimize Your PC Performance

Get a Free O&O Defrag 25.6 Pro Lifetime License.



O&O Defrag 25 Pro is a disk defragmentation software developed by O&O Software. It is designed to optimize and defragment computer hard drives to improve performance and speed up access to files.

O&O Defrag 25 Pro offers a variety of features, including the ability to defragment individual files and folders, automatic defragmentation, and the ability to schedule defragmentation at specific times. O&O Defrag 25 Pro also has a feature called “O&O SmartDefrag,” which is a background defragmenter that runs automatically in the background. It supports Windows operating systems.

O&O Defrag 25 Pro: Free Giveaway - Optimize Your PC Performance

O&O Defrag 25.6 Professional effectively defragments hard drives and optimizes the performance of SSDs thanks to an entirely new disk optimization method – SOLID.

SSD drives have many advantages: they are fast, compact, and powerful. Their lifetime is determined by the number of reads and write accesses. Accessing fragmented data reduces this lifetime. Wear and tear are one of the main concerns when using an SSD. The new SOLID optimization method from O&O Software is the most innovative and hardware-compatible defragmentation method. It significantly extends the life of the SSD.

O&O Defrag

The latest versions of O&O Defrag include a new SOLID/COMPLETE method: disparate file fragments will be re-linked and stored in fewer memory locations. This leads to a reduction in the access time to these memory cells for reading and writing. As a result, the SSD runs faster, and its life expectancy is increased by reducing the number of reads and writes.

New Features of O&O Defrag Professional 25

Along with the new SOLID/COMPLETE method, the existing SOLID/QUICK process has been improved to be faster than COMPLETE and suitable for occasional faster defragmentation. Both ways allow you to extend the life of SSDs but differ from each other in terms of duration and degree of protection of the equipment.

New Features of O&O Defrag 25 Pro

  • Windows 11 support.
  • SMART Disk Health Analysis SMART Technology indicates the “health status” of hard drives, SSDs, and RAID and alerts you to potential problems. Such a problem may be a high temperature or an error in the industry itself. A message will be displayed in the Windows Action Center if mistakes occur.
  • Support for Windows Compact OS: Added support for Windows 10’s built-in system file compression to free up more space.
  • Easy to use: after installation, no additional settings need to be configured. The program selects and applies the most suitable defragmentation method for the system.

How to Get a Free O&O Defrag 25 Pro Lifetime License?

To obtain a free O&O Defrag 25.6 Professional license, follow these steps:

The O&O Defrag Promotion Page

  • As a confirmation of your registration, you will receive an email containing a link – follow the link to complete your registration.
  • After confirmation, registration data (Name / Firma / Lizenzanzahl) will be sent to you.

O&O Defrag 25


Download and install the program on your computer, activating the license with the received data:

Download O&O Defrag 25 Pro (Official Fast Download)


  • After installing the program, register in the Menu Info > Register Now > Enter your registration code.

Free O&O Defrag 25.6 Pro Lifetime License Offer

  • Enter the received “Seriennummer in the Serial#” field and use your email for the Name and Company (Firma) values ​​to activate the license.

O&O Defrag 25 Pro: Free Giveaway Offer Terms

  • You get a lifetime license for version 25.6 only.
  • Free program updates are available within version 25. x.
  • The license is provided for 1 computer for home use only.
  • You can install/reinstall the program after the end of the promotion. To do this, save the registration data and the installation file.

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