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Hub VPN - Chrome Extension - Free Proxy Unlimited Fast Servers

Free and unlimited access - without any restrictions.



Hub VPN is a free VPN extension that combines stable operation, high security, and the ability to bypass any locks.

Hub VPN is a type of VPN architecture in which all devices connect to a central hub, which then connects to other devices in the network.

Hub VPN - Chrome Extension - Free Proxy Unlimited Fast Servers

Private browsing of websites and web pages is available whenever you remain anonymous. All your online activities are protected, and there are no more threats or restrictions.

Features of Hub VPN

  • Convenient and easy to use – with one click, you activate your connection and use the extension without authorization;
  • Complete hiding of the actual IP and your location – all geographic data corresponds to the VPN server through which the connection is going, and no one will know where you really are;
  • WebRTC blocking – no site will know your real IP or your location; you are anonymous and hidden on the network;
  • Surfing without restrictions – you can visit any site at any time and  all web pages that are blocked or restricted;
  • Data protection from hackers – data encryption maintains a high level of security and privacy of your personal data, which is relevant when you use a connection via shared Wi-Fi hotspots.

How to Use The Hub VPN Extension?

Download and install Google Chrome in your browser:

Download Hub VPN Extension (Web Store) Version: 1.0.4

  1. Enable VPN by selecting the country of connection;
  2. Use the extension and surf the Internet for your own pleasure.

Hub VPN Offer Terms

  • Free 5 countries unlimited.
  • Fast servers.
  • Proxy browser extensions.
  • No encryption.
  • Technical support by email.

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