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Genie Timeline Home 10 Giveaway - Win a Free License!

Get a Free Genie Timeline Home 10 Lifetime License.



Genie Timeline Home 10 is a software program that allows users to create a backup of their files and data. It is available in both a Home and a Professional version and can be downloaded for a free trial. The software has been well-reviewed for its ease of use and effectiveness in creating and maintaining backups.

The Genie Timeline Service is a component that runs in the background of the user’s computer to ensure that backups are created and updated regularly.

Genie Timeline Home Giveaway - Win a Free License

Genie Timeline Home 10 is an advanced backup software designed to meet the data protection needs of day-to-day home users. Simple steps need to install the program and enjoy a lifetime of protection.

Key Features of Genie Timeline Home 10

  • Automatic and continuous data protection: Genie Timeline Home 10 automatically and continuously backs up files and folders, ensuring that all data is protected in real-time.
  • Multiple backup options: Users can choose from several backup options, including full backups, incremental backups, and differential backups.
  • File and folder exclusion: Users can exclude specific files and folders from the backup process, allowing them to control which data is protected.
  • Automatic file versioning: Genie Timeline Home 10 keeps multiple versions of files, allowing users to quickly restore previous versions of files if needed.
  • Cloud integration: Genie Timeline Home 10 allows users to back up their data to the cloud, providing an additional layer of protection and accessibility.
  • Easy recovery: Users can quickly restore data from the backup, including entire systems or specific files and folders.
  • Automatic scheduling: Users can set automatic backup schedules, ensuring that data is protected regularly without any manual intervention.
  • Password protection: Genie Timeline Home 10 allows users to password-protect their backups, ensuring that data is secure and only accessible by authorized users.
  • Compression and encryption: Genie Timeline Home 10 compresses data during the backup process, reducing the amount of storage space required and also encrypts the data for added security.
  • Easy to use: Genie Timeline Home 10 has a user-friendly interface, making it easy for users of all skill levels to use and manage their backups.

How to Get The Genie Timeline Home 10 Free Lifetime License?

Now, you can get a free license key for Genie Timeline Home 10 if you follow these steps;

1. Go to The Genie Timeline Home 10 Giveaway Page.

The Genie Timeline Home 10 Giveaway Page

2. Enter your name, email, and country to sign up, then click “send.”

3. Check your mailbox to get your free license key.

Genie Timeline Home 10 Lifetime License (Giveaway)

4. Download and install the software:

Download Genie Timeline Home 10 (Official Fast Download)

5. Register with your license key and enjoy!

Genie Timeline Home 10 Giveaway Offer Terms

  • This is a lifetime license for home users only.
  • No free updates & upgrades.
  • No free technical support.
  • Non-commercial use.

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