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Free Photoshop Alternatives: The Best Tools for Image Editing

The best software alternative to Adobe Photoshop.



You don’t necessarily have to spend money on an image editing program. BLOGFREE presents the best free image editing programs for Windows for free.

Photoshop Alternatives
Free Photoshop Alternatives

Photo editing software for free: Good alternatives to Photoshop

It doesn’t always have to be Photoshop. Image editing is often just as easy to do for free with our free tools. The classic Gimp, with professional multi-layer editing, has been our favorite for years.


GIMP: Powerful open-source image editor

The free software GIMP has been a popular alternative for many years, especially for beginners who deal with the subject of image editing and want to go beyond simple tools. The learning curve is as steep or steeper than Photoshop, but all the necessary tools are on board. Retouching or more complex montages are no problem.

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While the open-source software used to be characterized by a somewhat idiosyncratic interface, you can now replicate Adobe Photoshop quite precisely. The dark gray theme is also on board. If you also miss an editor for RAW files like Camera Raw, you get an additional tool with RAW Therapee that can be connected directly to GIMP.

βœ… Advantages

  • Freely expandable
  • Numerous filters & tools included
  • Wide format support

πŸ“› Disadvantages


Photopea: Simply call it up in the browser, and it’s always ready to go.

Photopea has a significant advantage – because this Photoshop alternative runs entirely in the browser on any computer with an Internet connection and does not have to be installed first. You will find most of the tools in the same place as in Adobe Photoshop – this makes getting used to them child’s play.

The only annoying thing is the advertising banners in the accessible version of Photopea, which take up part of the width, especially on smaller screens. Those who want to purchase the Pro version and hide the banners pay $10 for 3 months or $40 for a year. Incidentally, the tool can be used entirely without registration – if you like to work across devices, simply create a free account.

βœ… Advantages

  • Does not need to be installed
  • Shortcuts like Photoshop
  • Large range of functions

πŸ“› Disadvantages

  • Free version with advertising banners
  • Mandatory upload of images

Download Photopea – Photoshop Online 5.4

Photoshop CS 2 – Classic

Photoshop CS 2 - Classic
Photoshop CS2 is 15 years old, but it’s still going strong.

Photoshop CS 2 is a 17-year-old version of Photoshop that hasn’t been supported for a long time and has a few snags. Nevertheless, it meets the criteria for a free image editing program, at least as far as the procedure for the license key is concerned.

Strictly speaking, the serial numbers received as part of the download may only be used by customers who have legally purchased Photoshop CS2 and wish to continue using it. Otherwise, Adobe’s copyrights are being violated.

βœ… Advantages

  • Well – Photoshop for free!

πŸ“› Disadvantages

  • Has meanwhile been a few years old

Download Full Version: Photoshop CS2

Top 10 Free Photo Editors

You can find even more free photo editing programs in our top 10 overviews. In addition to classic photo editors, there are also image viewers or special tools that only master a single function but are often indispensable for image processing.

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1GIMP 2.10.32

The formerly pure Linux image processing program GIMP is now available for download in an updated Windows version.

BFO – BLOGFREE Rating: Excellent

Download GIMP 2.10.32

2Full version: Photoshop CS2

Photoshop CS2 is free. Adobe offers the full version of Photoshop CS2, which is no longer commercially available, for download.

BFO – BLOGFREE Rating: Excellent

Download Photoshop CS2 (Full Version)

3Paint.NET 5.0.1

Paint.NET is one of the best free alternatives to expensive photo editing programs.

BFO – BLOGFREE Rating: Excellent

Download Paint.NET 5.0.1

4Picasa 3.9 Build 141.259

Picasa is a free Google software for convenient image management.

BFO – BLOGFREE Rating: Excellent

Download Picasa 3.9 Build 141.259

5Photoscape 3.7

Download Photoscape for free: Photoscape efficiently manages, views, and edits your images in one interface.

BFO – BLOGFREE Rating: Excellent

Download Photoscape 3.7

6TinyPic 3.18

TinyPic is a free tool that lets you resize images while maintaining good quality – ideal for web and email.

BFO – BLOGFREE Rating: Satisfactory

Download TinyPic 3.18

7Inkscape 1.2.2

Inkscape is an excellent, completely free vector graphics program.

BFO – BLOGFREE Rating: Excellent

Download Inkscape 1.2.2

8The grandiose image reducer 1.7b

“The grandiose image reducer” calculates all the images in a folder to your desired size so they can be sent more efficiently.

BFO – BLOGFREE Rating: Good

Download The grandiose image reducer 1.7b

9XnView MP 1.4.2

“XnView MP” is the extended and improved version of the image viewer XnView.

BFO – BLOGFREE Rating: Excellent

Download XnView MP 1.4.2

10Magix Photo Designer

The “Photo Designer” is Magix’s simple but free photo editor.

BFO – BLOGFREE Rating: Good

Download Magix Photo Designer

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