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CHIP Banking Browser 2023 - Free Download Full Version

Download the full version of CHIP (Abelssoft) Banking Browser 2023.

CHIP Conclusion on CHIP Banking Browser 2023

With the "CHIP Banking Browser," you play it safe thanks to integrated protection against phishing and keyloggers in online banking. Michael Humpa | CHIP software editors

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With Abelssoft, CHIP has developed its own browser for online banking, which you can use to secure your online transactions.

CHIP Banking Browser 2023 - Free Download

In addition, the “CHIP Banking Browser” blocks all unknown websites in banking mode.

CHIP Banking Browser: Secure Browser for Online Banking

Phishing sites don’t stand a chance because they are not on the whitelist and are, therefore, not loaded. To protect against keyloggers, an on-screen keyboard can also be started via the keyboard icon.

The browser already offers a large number of banks that you can activate. However, if your bank is not listed, you can add it using the “Enter URL” field. This address then ends up in the whitelist and can also be accessed in secure banking mode. If you deactivate this mode, you can generally surf with the “CHIP Banking Browser.”

The advantage over other browsers: No data is collected.

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The integrated pocket calculator and a print function are other practical additional tools in the current version. You can now also customize the background image. If you close the “CHIP Banking Browser,” it will be safely terminated. This means that all cookies and surfing traces created are deleted immediately.

CHIP Banking Browser 2023 - Free Download Full

How Does The CHIP Banking Browser Work?

This specialized browser has a long list of allowed banking websites. If your local bank’s site is not listed, add it to the list by entering its URL. Only entries in this whitelist can be opened in banking mode.

Does The CHIP Banking Browser Protect Against Phishing?

The specialized browser has built-in phishing protection that checks every page visited. The browser will warn you if you land on a fake bank site via a link or enter the wrong URL. Everything is fine if the fish symbol in the address bar is green.

CHIP Banking Browser

Can I Also Surf Typically with The CHIP Banking Browser?

When banking mode is disabled, the software works like a standard browser. No data is saved while surfing. When the browser is closed, any traces and cookies that may have been created are immediately deleted.

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What Functions Does The CHIP Banking Browser Offer?

The software includes a virtual keyboard to protect against keyloggers who could record your input on the PC. A calculator and a print function are also included.

CHIP Banking Browser 2023 Full Version

Download CHIP Banking Browser 2023

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