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ChatGPT for Windows - Desktop Application

ChatGPT Desktop Application was last updated on 02/03/2023 and is available for download in version 0.10.3.



Use ChatGPT directly on the Windows desktop instead of in the browser: “ChatGPT Desktop Application” makes it possible.

ChatGPT is currently the hottest text AI tool that is usually completely free to use on the web. The practical “ChatGPT Desktop Application” simplifies the use of ChatGPT significantly.

ChatGPT for Windows -  Desktop Application
ChatGPT for Windows – Desktop Application

Instead of using the AI ​​text generator in the browser, the desktop application available here brings ChatGPT directly to the desktop. As a result, you no longer have to keep ChatGPT open in its own tab to interact with the chatbot.

🔥 Other Advantages of The Web App:

  • ChatGPT History can be exported.
  • Compatibility with Windows notifications.
  • Windows key combinations are compatible.
ChatGPT Desktop

Can ChatGPT Create Whole Texts?

Yes, ChatGPT can easily create longer texts. However, detailed input with precise instructions is required to achieve an optimal result. You should also check the result, as ChatGPT also makes mistakes.

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How is ChatGPT Trained?

ChatGPT is trained with a variety of texts and documents from the Internet. However, the AI knowledge level ​​currently only extends to the year 2021.

Is ChatGPT Safe to Use?

ChatGPT is generally safe to use. Registration is required for use. However, no personal data should be transmitted to the chatbot. In addition, the content must be viewed with caution since not all results are correct in terms of content.

Is ChatGPT Free?

ChatGPT is a free artificial intelligence chatbot. In addition to free access, there is also a paid version for 42 US dollars (about 39€) per month, which gives you unlimited access and test features.

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ChatGPT Downloads

The free tool “ChatGPT Desktop Application” brings artificial intelligence directly to the Windows desktop. An absolute gain in convenience for anyone who uses ChatGPT regularly.

ChatGPT Downloads

Download: ChatGPT_0.10.3_x64_en-US.msi 6.01 MB

ChatGPT_0.10.3_x64_en-US.msi.zip 4.49 MB

ChatGPT for Mac

Download: ChatGPT_0.10.3_x64.dmg 4.88 MB

✅ Virus checked

✅ For free

If you’re curious about the source code, you can access it here.

ChatGPT Source Code: Source code (zip)

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