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Android App Permission Manager - App Reviews

Download Android App Permissions Manager APK (Best 5).



Android App Permission Manager is a tool that allows users to manage the permissions that apps have on their devices. This includes granting or revoking access to certain features and functions, such as access to the camera, microphone, contacts, and more.

Some permission managers also provide additional features, such as viewing detailed information about an app’s permissions or setting up custom rules for different apps. Examples of popular Android Apps Permission Managers include Permission Manager, App Ops, and App Permissions Manager.

Android has its own system for managing such permissions. True, it is not always enough, and you may need to install a particular application.

Bouncer – Temporary App Permis

Bouncer - Temporary App Permis
Google Play Store

One of the best permission management apps. There are many useful features here, and it is easy to understand. With Bouncer, you can issue temporary permissions for any Android application to avoid misuse.

You can always allow specific actions, remove permissions, or even schedule them to be issued. You can also take away licenses immediately after closing the corresponding application.

Download Bouncer – Temporary App Permis (Google Play Store) (Only ($1.99)

GlassWire Data Usage Monitor

GlassWire Data Usage Monitor
Google Play Store

In general, this is a firewall, not a permission manager. But applications can leak unnecessary data to the network, right? GlassWire monitors the network activity of applications and can even disable it altogether.

Download GlassWire Data Usage Monitor (Google Play Store)

Download GlassWire Data Usage Monitor (APK)

Privacy Dashboard

Privacy Dashboard
Google Play Store

This app is similar to the built-in permissions control panel from Android 12. So if you have an ancient Android, you can try the Privacy Dashboard.

It tracks the usage of all applications and their permissions and saves them as a unique report. You can always quickly understand which application is doing what on the device.

Download Privacy Dashboard (Google Play Store)

Download the Privacy Dashboard (APK)

App Permission Manager

App Permission & Tracker
Google Play Store

Another permission management application with a user-friendly but challenging-to-understand (only at first) interface. It will notify you of all permissions issued, indicating the degree of risk of personal data leakage – from zero to the highest.

You can easily view each app’s permissions and revoke the ones you don’t need.

Download App Permission Manager (Google Play Store)

Download App Permission Manager (APK)

App Permission & Tracker

App Permission Tracker
Google Play Store

With it, you can see all the permissions issued for all applications and disable unnecessary ones. You can also see tracking trackers and information that an application collects.

Download App Permission & Tracker (Google Play Store)

Download App Permission & Tracker (APK)

Built-in Permissions Control Panel

Settings Privacy Permissions
Google Play Store

As I wrote at the beginning of the article, starting with Android 12, you have the built-in ability to manage permissions. To do this, go to Settings > Privacy > Permissions Control Panel.

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