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Agent Ransack is a file search utility developed by Mythicsoft Ltd. It allows users to search for files and file content on their computer systems quickly. The program provides advanced search options and supports various search criteria, including file names, file types, file sizes, dates, and text contained within files.

Agent Ransack offers a user-friendly interface and is known for its speed and efficiency in searching large volumes of files. It can be particularly useful when you need to locate specific files or search for specific information within files, such as documents, emails, or code files.

Some key features of Agent Ransack include:

  1. Fast searching: The utility is optimized for speed, enabling users to search through vast amounts of files and folders quickly.
  2. Advanced search options: Agent Ransack provides various search criteria to refine your searches, including wildcard and regular expression support.
  3. Text search: You can search for specific text or phrases within files, making it useful for finding specific content in documents or code files.
  4. File preview: The program allows you to preview search results within the application, giving you a quick glance at the content of the files without having to open them individually.
  5. Contextual search: Agent Ransack can provide contextual information about search results, such as surrounding lines of text, to help you better understand the context in which your search terms appear.

Agent Ransack is available for Windows operating systems and is free for personal use. There is also a professional version called FileLocator Pro, which offers additional features and is geared towards more advanced users or professionals who require advanced search capabilities on a regular basis.

Please note that the information provided about Agent Ransack is based on its functionality up until my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, and there may have been updates or changes to the software since then.


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